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Discussione: Liquid cd

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    LiquidCD - 2.05

    What's new:
    Better stability.
    Quick fix of a bug that can make LiquidCD crash at launch when some specific disks are mounted.
    Better German localization.

    Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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    About LiquidCD 2.06

    Fixes a bug where pc-only files wouldn't show on hybrid discs.
    The "done" sound now also plays when the burner is done erasing a disc.
    Fixes a potential crash when the burn is finished.
    New set of icons (thanks Susumu Yoshida !)
    Fixes cue sheets with incorrect index points (bug id 26)
    Inclusion parameters are preserved when saving a project (bug id 23)
    Cue files with quotes inside the title, performer,... are now accepted
    Single session CDs are now properly detected.
    Tigre! Tigre! divampante fulgore | Nelle foreste della notte, | Quale fu l'immortale mano o l'occhio | Ch'ebbe la forza di formare | La tua agghiacciante simmetria?

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    Version 2.07:
    The .cue parser is tolerant to Windows paths
    The .cue parser looks at the file's path extension if no type is found
    Fixes a problem with the postgap tag in .cue files
    .loxi files now save the MCN and ISRC values
    Better CD and DVD layout detection
    cue/bin disk images now also save basic cdtext info
    Not yet ready for Blu-Ray disc duplication, still working on it
    Still no support for multiborder or multizone DVDs. But I have yet to find one.

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    Version 2.08:
    - basic support for mdf/mds, daa, gbi and b6i/b6t files.
    -The following formats may also work (experimental): c2d and cif
    -Fixes a bug with the erase panel
    -Fixes a bug with the burn verification
    -Fixes a bug with the Info window

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