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Discussione: VirtualBox

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    VirtualBox 2.1

    virtualbox è un virtualizzatore gratuito per uso personale di Sun Microsystems (java e solaris per capirci...). prima di installare e acquistare gli ottimi parallels desktop o vmware fusion o partizionare con bootcamp può e deve essere preso in considerazione. non è detto infatti che non soddisfi le ns. esigenze di virtualizzazione da windows 98 a vista e per molte distro linux. da questa versione comincia il supporto per l'accellerazione 3D.

    requisiti: un macintel e mac os 10.4 o superiore.

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    grazie per la segnalazione flash davvero molto utile!

    ciao ciao

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    mooolto interessante! grazie!

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    Lo sto testando con linux e devo dire che è davvero sorprendente! Molto intuitivo e relativamente semplice da usare, sul mio macbook 2 duo 2GHz 1Gb RAM va che è una meraviglia!
    A tutti coloro che intendono usarlo consiglio comunque una bella letturina del manuale

    ciao ciao

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    Apr 2005
    VirtualBox - 2.1.4

    Version 2.1.4:
    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

    Windows hosts: fixed host crashes/hangs on certain 32 bits Windows systems when running Linux guests (bugs #1606, #2269, #2763)
    Windows hosts: Fixed network component BSOD issue (bugs #3168, #2916)
    Windows hosts: Fixed installation issues (bugs #2517, #1730, #3130)
    Linux hosts: fixed occasional kernel oopses (bug #2556)
    Linux hosts: fixed module dependency for shipped modules (bug #3115)
    Linux hosts: moved the udev rules for USB forward so that they don’t override existing system rules (bug #3143)
    Linux hosts: fixed the issue with guest not being able to communicate with each other when attached via TAP interfaces (bug #3215)
    Linux hosts: give up probing for USB gracefully if dbus or hal are not available (bug #3136)
    Linux hosts: fixed warnings in installer when SELinux was disabled (bug #309
    Linux hosts: VirtualBox sometimes failed to start if it had been started using sudo previously (bug #3270)
    Solaris hosts: fixed high CPU load while running many guests in parallel
    Solaris hosts: fixed inability to start more than 128 VMs
    VMM: fixed performance regression for Windows guests (bug #3172)
    VMM: ignore CPU stepping when restoring a saved state/snapshot
    REM: fixed inability to use gdb to debug programs in Linux guests with software virtualization (bug #3245)
    GUI: fixed dead key handling on Solaris hosts (bug #3256)
    GUI: in the shutdown dialog, disable the action send the shutdown signal if the guest is currently not using ACPI
    GUI: suppress additional key release events sent by X11 hosts when keys are auto-repeated (bug #1296)
    API: restore case insensitive OS type name lookup (bug #3087)
    VBoxHeadless: really don’t start X11 services (clipboard service, 3D acceleration; Solaris & Darwin hosts only; bug #3199)
    NAT: fixed occasional crashes when the guest is doing traceroute (non-Windows hosts; bug #3200)
    NAT: fixed crashes under high load (bug #3110)
    NAT: fixed truncated downloads (Windows hosts only, bug #3257)
    NAT: don’t intercept TFTP packages with a destination address different from the builtin TFTP server (bug #3112)
    USB: several fixes for USB passthrough on Linux hosts
    USB: reduced host CPU utilization if EHCI is active
    VRDP: fixed VRDP server black screen after a client reconnect (bug #1989)
    VRDP: modified rdesktop client (rdesktop-vrdp) now uses NumLock state synchronization (bug #3253)
    LsiLogic: make FreeBSD guests work (bug #3174)
    ATA: fixed deadlock when pausing VM due to problems with the virtual disk (e.g. disk full, iSCSI target unavailable)
    iSCSI: fixed possible crash when pausing the VM
    3D support: added missing GL_MAX_TEXTURE_COORDS_ARB (bug #3246)
    Windows Additions: fixed ERROR (e0000101) error during installation (bug #1923)
    Windows Additions: fixed Windows Explorer hang when browsing shared folders with 64 bit guests (bug #2225)
    Windows Additions: fixed guest screen distortions during a video mode change
    Windows Additions: fixed the Network drive not connected message for mapped shared folders drives after the guest startup (bug #3157)
    Linux Additions: fixed occasional file corruption when writing files in O_APPEND mode to a shared folder (bug #2844)
    Linux Additions: the mouse driver was not properly set up on X.Org release candidates (bug #3212)
    Linux Additions: fixed installer to work with openSUSE 11.1 (bug #3213)
    Linux Additions: disable dynamic resizing if the X server is configured for fixed resolutions
    Linux/Solaris Additions: handle virtual resolutions properly which are larger than the actual guest resolution (bug #3096)

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    Feb 2008
    Arco - Trentino

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    VirtualBox 2.2: major update dell'8 aprile 2009

    Major new features:

    -OVF (Open Virtualization Format) appliance import and export (see chapter 3.8, Importing and exporting virtual machines, User Manual page 55)
    -Host-only networking mode (see chapter 6.7, Host-only networking, User Manual page 88 )
    -Hypervisor optimizations with significant performance gains for high context switching rates
    -Raised the memory limit for VMs on 64-bit hosts to 16GB
    -VT-x/AMD-V are enabled by default for newly created virtual machines
    -USB (OHCI & EHCI) is enabled by default for newly created virtual machines (Qt GUI only)
    -Experimental USB support for OpenSolaris hosts
    -Shared folders for Solaris and OpenSolaris guests
    -OpenGL 3D acceleration for Linux and Solaris guests (see chapter 4.8, Hardware 3D acceleration (OpenGL), User Manual page 70)
    -Added C API in addition to C++, Java, Python and Web Services

    In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:

    VMM: FreeBSD guest related fix for V86 flags (bug #2342)
    VMM: fixed guru meditation when booting an AsteriskNow Linux VM (bug #2342)
    VMM: fixed PGMPOOLKIND_FREE guru meditation (bugs #3356, #3431)
    VMM: fixed Windows XP boot hang (guest PAE + nested paging only)
    VMM: allow mixing of VT-x/AMD-V and software virtualization
    VMM: fixed extremely slow safe mode booting in e.g. Windows 2008 (VT-x/AMD-V only)
    VMM: significant speedup of certain GRUB boot loaders (e.g. Solaris) (VT-x/AMD-V only)
    VMM: real-mode IOPL fix for DOS guests (VT-x only)
    VMM: fixed VT-x detection with certain BIOSes that enable VT-x, but don’t set the lock bit in MSR_IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL
    VMM: fixed hibernation issues on Windows XP hosts (VT-x only; bug #1794)
    VMM: properly emulate RDMSR from the TSC MSR, should fix some NetBSD guests
    VMM: emulate RDPMC; fixes Windows guests crashes when using the Kaspersky virus scanner (bug #1778)
    NAT: fixed truncated downloads (FTP) (bug #3257)
    NAT: blocked UDP packets caused a crash (bug #3426)
    NAT: allow to configure the next server and the boot file via VBoxManage (bug #2759)
    IDE: fixed hard disk upgrade from XML-1.2 settings (bug #1518)
    Hard disk: support more VMDK file variants (including fixed-size ESX server images)
    Hard disks: refuse to start the VM if a disk image is not writable
    USB: further reduced host CPU utilization for OHCI and EHCI; the “VBoxInternal/Devices/usb-ohci/0/Config/FrameRate” CFG key is no longer necessary and no longer supported
    USB: fixed BSOD on the host with certain USB devices (Windows hosts only; bug #1654)
    E1000: properly handle cable disconnects (bug #3421)
    VRDP: fixed hangs when VRDP server is enabled or disabled in runtime
    Shared folders: respect umask settings on Linux, OSX and Solaris hosts when creating files
    X11 guests: prevented setting the locale in vboxmouse, as this caused problems with Turkish locales (bug #3563)
    X11 guests: show the guest mouse pointer at the right position if the virtual desktop is larger than the guest resolution (bug #2306)
    Linux additions: fixed typo when detecting Xorg 1.6 (bug #3555)
    Solaris guests: added xpg4/xcu4 dependency to the guest additions installer (bug #3524)
    Windows guests: bind the VBoxMouse.sys filter driver to the correct guest pointing device (bug #1324)
    Windows hosts: fixed BSOD when starting a VM with enabled host interface (bug #3414)
    Linux hosts: do proper reference counting to prevent unloading the vboxnetflt module as long as this code is in use (bug #3104)
    Linux hosts: do not leave zombies of (bug #3586)
    Linux installers: fixes for Slackware, Arch Linux and Linux from Scratch systems
    Windows installers: combined installer executable which contains both (32- and 64-bit) architectures.
    VBoxManage: less cryptic command-line error messages
    VBoxManage list vms commands now default to compact format
    VBoxManage controlvm dvdattach did not work if the image was attached before
    VBoxManage: allow creation of all supported disk image variants
    VBoxManage showvminfo: don’t spam the release log if the additions don’t support statistics information (bug #3457)
    VBoxManage: big command line processing cleanup, the legacy single-dash options are deprecated and will be removed in the next major release, so switch to the new options now
    Hard disks: improved immutable disk support to auto-reset diff file at VM startup (related to bug #2772)
    GUI: enable the audio adapter by default for new VMs
    GUI: warn if VT-x/AMD-V is not operational when starting a 64-bit guest
    GUI: deactivate 64-bit guest support when the host CPU does not support VT-x/AMD-V
    GUI: removed floppy icon from the status bar
    GUI: show build revision in about dialog
    GUI: fixed sticky status bar text
    GUI: improved error dialogs
    GUI: fail with an appropriate error message when trying to boot a read-only disk image (bug #1745)
    GUI/Mac OS X: fixed disabled close button
    GUI/Windows: re-enabled support for copy and paste (Windows hosts 2.0 regression; bug #2065)
    3D support: added OpenGL select/feedback support (bug #2920)
    3D support: close OpenGL subsystem for terminated guest applications (bug #3243)
    3D support: fixed VM hangs when starting guests with 3D acceleration enabled (bug #3437)
    PXE: fixed boot hangs when hardware virtualization is used (bug #2536)
    LsiLogic: fixed problems with Solaris guests
    Main API: close machine settings XML file when unregistering machine (bug #3548)
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    un Amico di Mac Peer L'avatar di flashcream
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    ottimo. grazie.

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    Apr 2005
    VirtualBox - 2.2.2

    What's new in this version:
    Sun today released VirtualBox 2.2.2, a maintenance release of VirtualBox 2.2 which improves stability and performance.

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