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Discussione: Little Snitch

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    Eminenza Grigia di Mac Peer L'avatar di hellare
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    Oct 2006
    Mykonos Grecia


    santo forum vado ad aggiornare. grazie

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    Nume Tutelare di Mac Peer L'avatar di LordSteve
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    Apr 2006
    Little Snitch 2.2.4

    • Improved support of restoring from a backup system like Time Machine.
    • Improved automatic IP address update of hostname based rules.
    • The Connection Alert panel adjusts its size to fit long application names.
    OS X 10.10 Yosemite[URL=""]

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    Version 2.3:

    New Domain rules matching an entire domain instead of just a particular hostname.
    Redesigned connection alert window.
    Text in connection alert window can now be selected and copied with ⌘C.
    Addressing an issue with Google Software Update related connection alerts.
    Addressing an issue causing increased CPU load under rare circumstances.
    Improved behavior when scrolling the rules list with the arrow keys.
    Improved Installer application to better handle existing but corrupted installations.
    Fixed: The preferences lock no longer shows up opened within the first few minutes after log in to an admin user account.
    Fixed: Incorrect display of Finder icon in Little Snitch Configuration.
    Fixed: Incorrect rollover hint text in rules list.

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    Version 2.3.2:
    Little Snitch Configuration

    The “Globally for all users” option in the rule editor sheet is now also accessible for temporary “Until Quit” rules, provided that the “Until Quit” option has been turned off. This allows to convert temporary rules into global rules in one go.
    In addition to the ⌥⌘F menu shortcut the “Search Rules” command can now also be invoked with ⌘F.
    Addresses an issue when creating a selection of multiple rules with the keyboard via Shift-Up/Down.
    Addresses an issue causing the checkbox column of the rules window to be shown at startup, even if “Show Disabled Rules” is turned off.
    Addresses an occasional incompatibilty with MobileMe that could cause a hang at login.

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    Version 3.0.2:
    • New Preference setting to limit number of total connections in Network Monitor.
    • Redesigned visualization of Connection Alert timeout.
    • Simplified Alert: Adaptive window width.
    • Improves sorting by precedence in Little Snitch Configuration.
    • Improves detection of Java applications.
    • Improves Little Snitch 2 ruleset import.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements more...

    Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
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