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    Pixelmator - 1.5.1

    What's new in this version:
    New Features
    Brushes collections
    Once launched, the app will ask whether to move itself directly to the Applications folder (thanks for inspiration on this to Potion Factory’s The Hit List and Delicious Library from Delicious Monster).
    Old Automator Resize Images action is replaced by new Fit Images and Crop Images actions.
    Untitled document numeration is now according to Apple HIG.
    You can now drag the Welcome screen by clicking anywhere on it.
    It is now possible to Quit, Hide, or to use the Show All command when the Welcome screen is launched.
    You can change the background color of the work area by right-clicking on an area outside the canvas and choosing white, grey, or black.
    Dock menu now includes New from Clipboard command.
    All the app’s localizations have been updated.
    A newly created document does not show that it is unsaved on window close button (according to Apple Human Interface Guidelines).
    Disabled checkboxes have been added to UI.
    A beep has been removed when you are choosing a color from Apple Color Picker Developer palette.
    Automator actions are now compatible with Snow Leopard.
    Pixelmator now works properly as an external editor for iPhoto.
    Clipboard content is now pasted into the center of the viewable canvas area.
    Guide tooltips are now count-based on the ruler’s zero origin.
    Minor Undo improvements (especially for when you are painting) have been made.
    When opening larger size images than the screen image will accommodate fit in window.
    PXM file format now preserves EXIF, IPTC, and other original metadata.
    Some unnecessary console logs have been removed.
    Layer linking is now preserved when exporting to PSD.
    Minor user interface improvements have been added.
    Help documentation has been updated.
    Corrected Bugs
    A bug that sometimes caused ruler measurements to show incorrectly
    A bug that caused borderless printing not to work correctly
    A bug that caused rulers to flicker when you are drawing with the tablet
    A bug that caused some anomalies in the canvas area when the app is launched with the Clone Stamp tool selected
    A bug that caused issues when in full-screen mode, but with two images open
    A bug that caused commas and dots not allowed for Image Size width, height, and resolution fields
    A bug that sometimes caused incorrect percentages to show in Image Size sheet
    A bug that caused the Brushes contextual menu to use an inappropriate amount of CPU power
    A bug that sometimes caused an inability to drag and drop photos from Photo Browser
    Clone Stamp’s Sample All Layers feature now works properly
    A crash that occurred when you were using Developer color palette in Apple Color Picker within the Fill command
    A possible crash that could happen when closing documents.

    Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later
    Core Image supported graphics card (recommended)
    Some features require Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and/or iLife.
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    Nume Tutelare di Mac Peer L'avatar di LordSteve
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    OS X 10.10 Yosemite[URL=""]

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    Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later

    Solo per dire che funge anche su 10.4.11.

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    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da amicocatopleba Visualizza Messaggio
    Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later

    Solo per dire che funge anche su 10.4.11.
    Grazie della precisazione, nel sito dell'applicazione i requisiti di sistema sono quelli descritti sopra.

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    Segnalo che Pixelmator può essere acquistato con uno sconto del 49% grazie alla promozione di MacUpdate Promo valida fino alla giornata di domani. Il prezzo quindi scende da $59 a $29.99.
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    Grazie, appena acquistato!
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    Importante aggiornamento per Pixelmator. Richiede Snow Leopard e per certe funzioni iLife. Raccomandata carta grafica che supporta core image.

    Version 1.6.0:

    Major performance improvements
    64-Bit support
    Layer Groups
    Send to Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook
    Import directly from cameras, scanners, multifunction devices, and devices such as iPhone and iPad
    New transforming tools
    New printing engine
    Trim Images and Watermark Images Automator Actions
    Deeper Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard integration
    Open Recent button added to the Welcome Screen
    iSight support improved
    Ruler performance improved
    Progress bar added when saving larger files
    Edit in Quick Mask mode added to the Edit menu
    Alpha pixels are now properly supported by clipping masks
    New cursors for Hand and Zoom tools added
    Ability to reset pallete locations by pressing Command + Shift + R added
    Gradient pallete is now separated from Brushes palette and can be shown or hidden by pressing the Command + 4 keyboard shortcut
    Layers palette contextual menu improved
    Appearance of type layer thumbnails improved
    License menu item will not appear if the application is already licensed
    Fit Images Automator action now includes the ability to proportionally scale images
    German, French, and Japanese localizations updated
    Minor user interface improvements added
    Help in-app documentation updated
    Corrected Bugs
    A bug that caused incorrect palettes size and position
    A bug that caused Eyedropper to move by 1 pixel when picking color
    A bug that caused Gradients palette not to resize when gradients removed
    A bug that caused the Hand tool not to work correctly after Tab shortcut is pressed
    A bug that sometimes caused some palettes to disappear
    A bug that sometimes caused objects to disappear when using Distort transform
    A bug that caused filters not to load after using the Replace Color function
    A bug that caused Clipping Mask to work incorrectly after editing layer’s mask
    A bug that caused clipping layers not to show up after the main layer is hidden
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    Grazie mille Padmé
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    grazie anche da parte mia aggiorno
    MacBook Pro 17- Intel Core 2 Duo-2.6 GHz-4 GB-Mac OS X 10.6.5-Snow Leopard.......Fantastico

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    Version 1.6.1:
    Improvements to the Photo Browser include:

    Aperture support – access your Aperture library, projects, albums, smart albums, and folders
    PhotoBooth support – access your PhotoBooth-taken images (not very useful, but fun)
    Support for custom folders – browse your own folders in Photo Browser
    List View – this is a feature for those of you who like list views (Control or right mouse button click in an image view to switch between list and icon view)
    Performance improvements – means loading your iPhoto library images (or images from whatever source) very fast
    Modern foundation – basically means that the newer your Mac is, the better Photo Browser will work
    User interface details – looks a bit cleaner and feels better

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