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Discussione: GraphicConverter

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    Nov 2007
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    GraphicConverter X 6.5.1


    GraphicConverter X 6.5.1

    Version 6.51:
    New features:

    Reopen command added (UB)
    Bug fixes:
    hang durimh using the browser with temporary previews fixed (UB)

    Compatibility to Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

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    Version 6.5.2 (free update for registered users of version 6.0 - 6.5.1)

    New features:
    • services menu added for 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
    • invert alpha channel command added for single image and batch (UB)
    • open browser in flat view added (UB)
    • import of some RLE variants added (UB)
    • import of MPO added (UB)
    • conversion of Photoshop path to alpha channel added (UB)
    Updated features:
    • WMF and MacDraw import rewritten for use of Quartz (UB)
    • vpb save as dialog can be disabled (UB)
    • multiscale dialog supports now GIF and scale algorithm selection (UB)
    • performance of GIF animation display much improved (UB)
    • new image with selection keeps now the color channel (UB)
    • support for reading of xmp from the resource fork added for some photoshop written files (UB)
    • horizontal scroll wheel support added for the browser (UB)
    Bug fixes:
    • bug with flashing separate preview window during editing iptc in the browser fixed (UB)
    • possible color difference with antialiasing fixed (UB)
    • possible import bug of TIFs with premultiplied alpha fixed (UB)
    • sorting bug in slideshow with folder sorting fixed (UB)
    • redraw bug after trim selection fixed (UB)
    • bug in copying nested folders in folder view fixed (UB)
    • bug in sff import fixed (UB)
    • bug in drag and drop of frames of animations fixed (UB)
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    Nov 2007
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    GraphicConverter X 6.6

    WHAT'S NEW Version 6.6:

    This is a free update for registered users of version 6.0 - 6.5.2.
    The download page offers now an English only download (50MB) and a multilanguage download (100MB)
    New features:

    two window alpha editing added (UB)
    option to apply brightness/contrast to all frames of an animation added (UB)
    support for GPS loggers without altitude value added (UB)
    import and export of lossless JPEGs added (UB)
    import of 12/16 bit medical JPEGs added (UB)
    support for FITS files with short real precision added (UB)
    convert&modify: split option added (UB)
    convert&modify: conversion of MacRoman IPTC to ITF8 added (UB)
    watch mode in convert&modify is remembered during relaunch (UB)
    default frame for preview creation of movies can be defined (UB)
    support for some dicom variants with lossless 12/16 bit jpeg compression added (UB)
    support for many non-standard JPEG2000 variants added (UB)
    batch action for white correction added (UB)
    Updated features:

    SmartCrashReporter replaced with an own crash reporting mechanism via normal e-mail (UB)
    ExifTool updated to version 8.00 (UB)
    PhotoRaw import updated (UB)
    delete of files/folders uses now no longer the finder for better performance (UB)
    changed format of desktop images to PNG (UB)
    Bug fixes:

    bug with preview display of images with less than 32 bits fixed (UB)
    bug with "Create Preview" context menu fixed (UB)
    bug in recent menus fixed (UB)
    bug with non working cancel button during export of slideshow to movie fixed (UB)
    possible bug in page range during printing of layouts fixed (UB)
    bug in alpha channel decoding of some TIFFs fixed (UB)
    bug in detection of printer color profiles fixed (UB)
    bug with line feeds in copy and paste of iptc fixed (UB)
    bug in .MDC import fixed (UB)
    possible bug with undo of text layers fixed (UB)
    possible crash upon import of files with corrupt color profiles fixed (UB)
    Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.

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    GraphicConverter - 6.6.1

    What's new:

    New features:
    function to select last selection added
    set label depending on extension added to rename dialog
    support for import of tiffs with corrupted bits array added
    live drawing of line, rectangle, circle added
    PowerPC and Intel version does now use the same preferences file com.lemkesoft.graphicconverter.plist

    Updated features:
    find and replace IPTC supports now unicode
    catalog printing can print iptc data on multiple lines (if you add the item to the print list multiple times)
    jpeg2000 sdk updated for some non-standard jpeg2000 files
    change of iptc data of many files show now a progress bar for better user feedback
    reading rating and label from xmp data speed mich improved in the browser
    send bug report feature can now show the bug report in the Finder (i.e. for Thuderbird users)
    burn in menu command shows now the resulting pixel size
    last sort mode is now saved after closing a browser
    edit profile dialog enlarged
    insert profile command supports now jpegs and tiffs without correct file extension
    make square batch supports now setting of a color for the free parts
    volume reading speed improved in the browser
    use original exif works now with very large exif blocks, too.

    Bug fixes:
    bug in batch with subfolders fixed
    bug in series detection fixed
    bug with changing file format after options in save as dialog fixed
    possible crash during decoding corrupted exif data fixed
    -48 error message upon multiply saving of JPEGs with lossless compression fixed
    bug in insert black frame batch fixed
    workaround for a resource manager issue in the toolbox added
    bug in print folder command fixed
    bug in import pictures from resources fixed
    bug with temporary preview creation fixed
    bug with undo after crop of indexed images fixed
    ghosting bug with line, rectangle, circle fixed
    bug with keyboard commands (up, down, left, right) fixed
    bug with split channels into new window fixed
    redraw bug in show position window fixed
    text edititing bug fixed
    many other small bug fixes

    Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.

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    GraphicConverter - 6.7

    What's new:
    Scrap file import added
    HMR import added
    dm2 and dm3 import added/updated with complete display of the metadata of dm3
    quick option added to the context menu to show the browser with and without raws
    multiple find and replace of iptc data added
    direct SVG via PDF import added (Image Magick is no longer required as helper)
    option to draw rectangles, ovales etc. filled with background color and framed with foreground color added
    AppleScript command "search with spotlight" added * support for gamma aware scaling added * WMF to vector PDF batch function added

    Updated features:
    HD Photo import support for grayscale images added
    saving for web uses now high quality interpolation for reduction
    unskew batch suggests as default values last manual unskew values
    text tool remembers last text box size
    crop tool support now complete gif animations
    unicode support for header and footer in catalog printing added
    unicode support to batch rename added
    unicode support for find and replace of optic added
    export of all layers of PSD files supports now up to 200 layers
    eyedropper can now calculate the mean of a rectangle (use the shiftkey)
    rotation of a selection removes the selection now first from the image
    preview display of PICT and icns previews does now access the resource fork without the Resource Manager; this does improve the speed and avoid crashes from the Resource Manager
    rename with renumbering supports now JPG/RAW pairs
    clipboard import shows all available graphics in the clipboard/scrap
    XMP sdk updated
    selected folder display in browser improved

    Bug fixes:
    bug in export of CMYK imgaes as JPEG2000 fixed
    mirror on x axis bug upon import of some wmf files fixed
    bug in LSM import fixed
    PhotoCD import bug on Intel Macs fixed
    crash upon display of corrupted iPhoto databases fixed
    bug with wrong file creator display on Intel Macs fixed
    possible crash in dynamic color reduction on PowerPC systems fixed
    encoding issue with tag names fixed
    bug in print selection fixed
    bug in b3d import on Intel Macs fixed
    bug in transfer iptc batch fixed
    bug in attaching keywords to RAWs from the keyword palette fixed
    bug in cicn import fixed
    bug with use of patterns in RGB images fixed
    bug with name display in slideshow after forward/backward fixed
    key command with open image comment do no longer set the changed flag
    possible bug after setting IPTC data with label change fixed
    bug in copy of aliases with the context menu in the browser fixed
    bug with storing colors in the prefs fixed
    bug after using of Core Image Filters on images with alpha channel fixed
    crash during display of corrupted SVG files in the browser fixed
    bug in setting exit date for files without exit fixed

    Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.
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    GraphicConverter - 6.7.1

    What's new:

    New features:
    set file date from document name added to the context menu of the browser
    export movie to QuickTime movie added to the context menu of the image
    export image/movie to QuickTime movie added to convert&modify
    scale to 1080p command added
    support for import or larger tiffs improved
    support for reading creation date and gps info from MOVs from the iPhone 3gs added
    clipboard format selection dialog can be disabled in the prefs
    Updated features:
    drag and drop of a keyword from the keyword window starting with Copyright will be stored inside the IPTC copyright field
    Change detection in IPTC dialog improved
    Workaround for bug in XMP/EXIF reading of Adobe Photoshop added
    option gamma aware scaling added to batch scale command
    Bug fixes:
    bug during batch change of color profile with very large profiles fixed
    many little bug fixes and enhancements.

    Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.

  7. #17
    GraphicConverter - 6.7.2

    What's new in this version:
    New features:
    Conversion of gif animation to filmstrip added
    support for import of LSM files with LZW/16 added
    print catalog option added to the context menu of the drop area
    import of FUJI files added.
    Updated features:
    Insert text batch uses now as comment the spotlight comment
    support for Finder style sorting added (10.5 or later)
    Bug fixes:
    Bug during moving files with long filenames and xmp sidecar file fixed
    draw bug of lines with arrow fixed
    bug in removing metadata of very large JPEGs (>20MB) fixed
    bug in getting date of some MOVs fixed
    bug in lossless cropping with changing of metadata fixed
    bug in PNG decoding of very small files fixed
    many internal changes and bug fixes.

    Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.

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    Nov 2007
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    GraphicConverter X 6.7.3

    WHAT'S NEW Version 6.7.3:

    New features:
    • support for Google Earth Safari Plugin added
    • prn import added for eps encoded version

    Updated features:
    undo support after changing selection added
    support for Location and Status to AppleScript API added

    Bug fixes:
    bug with copying folders within the browser fixed
    bug during enhancing local contrast fixed
    bug in display of rating fixed
    bug after canceling the folder selection dialog in the browser fixed
    many other small enhancements and bug fixes

  9. #19
    Version 6.7.4:
    New features:

    scale after crop option added
    pdn preview display added
    sepia batch added
    Updated features:

    paperport import improved (support for files with different resolutions and color depths added)
    raw importer updated
    Bug fixes:

    possible issue with unsigned short import fixed
    unicode issue in preview/rename fixed
    general issues with the default color profiles fixed
    bug with scale to 1080p fixed
    possible printing issues with color profiles fixed
    xbm inverson bug fixed
    possible bug with scaling of animations fixed
    many other small changes and bug fixes

  10. #20
    Passa alla versione 7, con interfaccia piů moderna, e purtroppo non si puň fare un update gratuito per chi ha giŕ pagato. Č necessario fare un upgrade a pagamento.

    New features in GraphicConverter 7
    - New user interface (in Cocoa)
    - Geodata is shown on a map
    - New window for multiple conversion
    - Stepless zooming of preview images in the browser
    - Clearly organized preferences dialog
    - Multiple processor support for more efficient work
    - Various small improvements
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