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    LibreOffice, suite per ufficio gratuita e multipiattaforma


    The Document Foundation, una organizzazione no profit, ha rilasciato la prima versione stabile di LibreOffice. LibreOffice 3.3 (ricalcando OpenOffice 3.3, con cui condivide il codice sorgente) č una suite gratuita...

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    • Master Document Templates
    • Shapes can have a TextBox
    • Improvements to Track Changes
    • Style dropdown
    • Line numbering easier to apply for headers and footers
    • Status bar improvements
    • Toolbar improvements
    • Navigator bookmarks
    • AutoCorrect improvements


    • Statistics Wizard (alternative to Excel's Add-in "Analysis ToolPak")
    • Direct conversion of formulas into static values
    • Formula engine
    • Toolbar improvements
    • Sheet context menu

    Impress and Draw

    • Text of Master View Object Previews
    • Select and toggle off master elements directly via Delete
    • OpenGL transitions
    • Page Title field
    • Inherit current style of cells when inserting New row/column in table
    • Password for editing
    • Printing: use specified paper size
    • Zoom Mode button
    • Toolbar improvements
    • Menubar improvements


    • Color support


    • Included fonts
    • Digitally signed PDF export
    • Drawing objects
    • Technical Dictionary

    Code quality

    • Translation of German comments
    • Coverity
    • Refactoring


    • Media file formats
    • New import filters
    • Connection to SharePoint and OneDrive
    • Improved OOXML support
    • Improved Visio support
    • Improved Table of Contents in HTML export
    • Document thumbnails
    • Improved MS Publisher support
    • Improved Abiword support
    • Improved MS Works Spreadsheet support
    • Improved FictionBook support


    • Dialogs conversion to WidgetLayout finished
    • Sifr as the default icon theme on OS X
    • Changes to rulers
    • Start Center
    • New default templates
    • New color selector
    • Reworked paragraph line spacing dropdown
    • Bullet and Numbering dropdown
    • Sidebar changes
    • Context menu changes
    • Edit / Read-only mode
    • Tab changes
    • Firefox Themes
    • Image scaling
    • Simplification of Special Character dialog
    • Icon improvements
    • Locale in About dialog
    • UI text improvements


    • New languages/locales with locale data
    • Improved language tools (spell-check dictionaries, thesaurus, hyphenation patterns)

    Scripting / Basic

    • Access2Base updated


    • Intel, 64-bit processor
    • OS X 10.8 or later

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