Visualizza Versione Completa : Aggiornamento: SoulseeX 1.0b3

13-02-05, 18:41
SoulseeX 1.0b3


What's new in this version:

Memory fixes all over the place. Fixed a few leaks, changed the way unused memory is released in places, changed the way some objects allocate memory... Many, many changes and fixes.

Speed ups all over the place. Far too many to list. You'll feel it that's all the matters.

The code for browsing other users shares has been completely redone to use the new shares code base first in the local shares interface. As a bonus shares auto-reload again yay!

Added a couple notifications for when a private message is received or someone says your name in chat. The first is always on, the ssX icon will glow bluer and bluer if you are not using ssX and the above happens. The second has to be turned on in preferences, the icon will bounce to notify you.

Made it so if someone sends you a private message while you are chatting in a room the message is displayed briefly at the bottom of the room. I will add a pref to turn this off before the next beta as it might annoy some people (so far everyone likes it though).

Added a menu to choose the text encoding searches are sent in and the corresponding results decoded in. Note: Double-byte language searches do not seem to be supported by the server at this time. :(

Fixed a couple crashes and changed the updating behavior a bit in the local shares. This code is still being worked on to make it faster.

Made some changes and fixes in the code that listens for connections and the code for connections themselves.

Various other minor enhancements and fixes (as if the above was not enough).