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25-02-06, 20:31
E' necessario attivare anche firewall in syst pref. se si è connessi a Fastweb ?

Mac 4 Life
25-02-06, 20:52
Anch'io ho Fastweb e il firewall non l'ho mai attivato. A dire la verità, non l'avevo mai attivato nemmeno prima di Fastweb. ;)

Perché vorresti attivarlo? :???:

25-02-06, 21:57
C'è un articolo in inglese interessante, scritto da un Apple Support Forum Member che dà dei consigli di sicurezza, dice che bisogna tenerlo sempre attivo e sistema ti chiederà se vuoi dare permessi d'apertura porte, o altrimenti come ho fattoo con Azureus devo settarlo io.

E' una questione di sicurezza, non so.

Mac 4 Life
25-02-06, 22:40
Boh, sarà anche una questione di sicurezza, ma io senza firewall non ho mai avuto un problema (sono sempre connesso con la flat e sono continuamente in download-upload).

Mi sembra tanto come l'antivirus per Mac: consigliato da tanti, ma assolutamente inutile.

Comunque, evenatuali altre opinioni - con relative esperienze - sono le benvenute. Non prendere le mie parole come oro colato. ;)

25-02-06, 22:57
Boh, sarà anche una questione di sicurezza, ma io senza firewall non ho mai avuto un problema

Si vede che nessuno ha mai voluto dartene di problemi... :)

Mac 4 Life
25-02-06, 23:05
Si vede che nessuno ha mai voluto dartene di problemi... :)

Perché, tu che intenzioni avresti? :lol:

25-02-06, 23:34
Perché, tu che intenzioni avresti? :lol:

:lol: :lol:

25-02-06, 23:42
Si vede che nessuno ha mai voluto dartene di problemi... :)

Perché, tu che intenzioni avresti? :lol:

:fischio: Carina quella foto che hai sull'hd... quella della morettina...
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Mac 4 Life
25-02-06, 23:50
:fischio: Carina quella foto che hai sull'hd... quella della morettina... :lol: :lol: :lol:

E' Giovanna d'Arco! :D



26-02-06, 19:27
Leggete questo, è importante dato da un esperto Mac user:

Sono d'accordo che non costa niente attivarlo e seguire queste semplici istruzioni di sicurezza. Non operare mai come Admin, ma creare un nuovo user come suggerito.

Setup, Security,

I spend a lot of time with computers... it's my job. In the last week, there have been 3 security exploits / viruses for OS X. No OS is completely secure! So it begins...
Common Sense Things
(Everyone should do these few Things)


For everyday use, run as a limited user! I don't care if you rigged an election, aggressively invaded a foreign country, or slept with an intern -- you simply don't need to run as the Admin of your computer, no matter what OS you use! If you just bought your Apple computer, don't let their glitzy setup fool you! It'll ask for your name and and password, but this is to setup the Admin account, and it should be treated accordingly. After you've set up the Admin account, you can alwasy go back to System Preferences and add a standard account for everyday use. Trust me. You don't want the computer booting automatically into an account with full Admin priveleges. If nothing else it's far, far easier to find and backup all your files if you're running as a limited user; they will all be in your home directory. If you're Admin... who knows where you could have stashed them...

What if you already set up your account, and whoops! It's an admin account? What do you do? In Mac OS X, changing this is really easy. I appreciate the ease of it because this same thing is a holy pain in the arse on Windows. I'm assuming you've got one account on your computer and it's an admin account. Go to the Apple Menu, System Preferences, and open up the Accounts panel. Click the (+) to add an account, and check the box to let that user "Administer this computer." You are temporarily creating a second admin account. Be sure you give it a good password and that you remember it! It's the ultimate in rookie computing to forget your admin password. Now, log out. Don't just do a fast user switch. Log out completely, then log into the new admin account you just created. Go back to System Preferences, Accounts, and find your original user. Uncheck the box for that account that allows it to administer the computer. Poof. You've now changed your regular account into a limited user account and you've created a new admin account that you'll hardly ever use. That's the point: only use the admin account when you absolutely need to.

Turn ON your Firewall! It's under System Preferences --> Sharing. Microsoft got ridiculed for shipping Windows with this turned off, and Apple may be next in line for a kick to the groin. If you need to open a port for some service, that's always possible later, but TURN IT ON AND LEAVE IT ON.

Turn ON Automatic updates! If you are the only person using your computer, and you are its administrator, you should turn this feature on by going to the Apple Menu, System Prefs, and find the Software Update panel. Check the box so this runs, preferably DAILY, if your internet connection can handle it.

Turn OFF "Open 'Safe' Files After Downloading The most recent security hole (as of this writing) exploits the fact that many people leave this checked. Go to Safari, Preferences, and on the General tab, uncheck this box. That will prevent any nasty code from auto-executing. This particular hole is not so much a problem if you are running as a limited user because the malicious code executes with the privileges of the user you are logged in as. A limited user can't do that much damage, but your computer can be completely hosed if you were dumb enough to be logged in as an admin.

Block Pop-ups in Safari! Again, why the @#$& this isn't turned on by default, I don't know, but there's no reason to let those maggot-sucking advertisers ruin your browsing.