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25-02-06, 05:13

Watching DivX videos just got (even) easier. The DivX Web Player is a sleek plug-in that allows DivX videos to be played directly within your web browser. The DivX Web Player offers webmasters, bloggers or absolutely anyone creating a web site (on MySpace, LiveJournal, etc.) a convenient tool for embedding high-quality DivX videos into their web pages. The DivX Web Player is included as part of the DivX Create and DivX Play downloads.

Highlights of the DivX Web Player
Plays all DivX videos - Play any DivX video in your web browser
Very small download - Downloads and installs in seconds (less than 1MB!)
Cross-platform support - Compatible with nearly every popular web browser
Superior compression - Enables higher quality video at smaller file sizes
Full-screen mode - Double-clicking on the screen switches playback to full-screen mode for a more cinematic experience
Windowed mode - Allows users to watch videos in a separate window while continuing to surf (right click on the player to access it)
HD Playback - Supports DivX high definition (HD) video
Skinnable - Allows webmasters to personalize the player to match their web pages

Safari (2.0 and above)
Firefox (1.0 and above)
Mozilla (1.7 and above)
Netscape (7.2 and above)
Opera (8.51 and above)
Camino (1.0 and above)
Seamonkey (1.0 and above)

25-02-06, 05:25
Purtroppo riscontro problemi con Safari:
(la pagina non funziona bene e lo fa addirittura crashare).

Nessun problema con Firefox:


25-02-06, 05:31
:evil: Peccato! Anche Firefox alla fine crasha.
E il sito non sarebbe affatto male: http://www.divx.com/movies/

25-02-06, 14:23
ma i video divx sul web non si vedono con Qt (visto che ha i codec divx) ? :???:

mi sfugge qualcosa... :roll:

25-02-06, 16:00
ma i video divx sul web non si vedono con Qt (visto che ha i codec divx) ? :???:

mi sfugge qualcosa... :roll:

Hai ragione. E infatti possiamo anche non installare questo plug-in per il momento perché superfluo.
Ma se un domani i divx ingobati in questo modo nella pagina html ( http://www.divx.com/divx/play/dwp/postinstall.php) dovessero diffondersi... allora sarà necessario installare il plug-in!
Nel frattempo chi vuole sperimentare... :)

Qui pure le istruzioni per agiunngere divx al proprio sito:

25-02-06, 16:28
ah ok, ora ho capito :)