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11-06-05, 00:19
Skype -

What's new in this version:
feature: voicemail subscribers can leave voicemail to anyone
feature: add an outgoing call to an ongoing call to then create a conference
feature: add an incoming call to an ongoing call to then create a conference
change: new default avatar
change: clickable area of the call and hang up buttons is slightly smaller now, making it less likely to place a call accidentally
change: removed "no unread messages" text from mc drawer items
change: added online status popup menu and icon to mc windows
change: added Skype Address Book Dialer that enables to dial properly formatted phone numbers from Address Book
change: it is now possible to change your online status in the main menu (Account -> Change Status)
change: submenu with SkypeOut numbers is shown under "Call" menu item in the context menus of contact list and call list (only if the selected user has entered phone numbers in his/her profile)
change: multiple selection in the contact list, makes it very easy to start conference calls or multichats
change: separate menu commands (and key equivalents) for closing windows and single chats in chat window
change: added "view call list" menu item, which filters call list by the selected contact
bugfix: renamed Rendezvous to Bonjour
bugfix: cmd-W closes only chat or whole chat window, cmd-Shift-W in multichat window closes only front chat (instead of whole window)
bugfix: chat input spellchecker state (continuous check on/off) is now stored in preferences
bugfix: when you log in, then your online status will be the status you had when you logged out last time (it was always set to Online before)
bugfix: call list was only filtered by display name (now it also filters by username)
bugfix: fixed showing chat history (for 1-1 chats)
bugfix: fixed a bug that might have caused random crashes when MC window was visible
bugfix: voicemail view was not removed from the drawer, when you deleted the voicemail during its playback
bugfix: the number of new voicemails was not shown in the My Skype tab after logout/login
bugfix: the number of new voicemails was sometimes incorrect in the My Skype tab
bugfix: unplayed voicemails had the same icon in the call list as played voicemails
bugfix: fixed a bug that caused old chat messages to appear repeatedly
bugfix: voicemails were sometimes not shown in call list (or shown twice)
bugfix: after logging out, it was not possible to log in again sometimes
bugfix: offline status didn't work as it should
bugfix: some toolbar items and buttons were mistakenly enabled in logged out state
bugfix: fixed a bug that caused invalid display of mc member list when number of members changed
bugfix: Bonjour now works on Tiger too (earlier it did not)

11-06-05, 15:13
una beta la versione stable rimane la 024!

08-09-05, 18:38
uscita una nuova versione di Skype (http://www.skype.com/products/skype/macosx/)!!

Ecco le nuove caratteristiche:

What's new in this version:
new feature: events and services module in the main window
new feature: in "Do Not Disturb" mode new incoming chat's are not opened in chat window(s)
new feature: online status set to AWAY when screensaver starts
new feature: option to show online contacts only
new feature: red badge of missed events on the dock icon
new feature: return values for Skype API AppleScript interface
new feature: tooltips in contact list
new feature: unread chats count
new feature: drag & drop contacts from contact list to chat to add them to the chat
improvement: use Safari's download folder for incoming FT if user has not specified other
improvement: some Emoticon definitions have been changed to be compatible with other platforms
improvement: added Call one Member, Chat with one Member submenus to MC drawer views
improvement: "Add Users to Chat" sheet is now resizable
improvement: bookmarked chats now sorted alphabetically
improvement: my profile area in the chat window drawer slightly improved
improvement: new buttons in "Add Users to Chat" sheet
improvement: Skype API: BTN_RELEASED 0123456789*# gives focus to the address field, while "BUTTON UP/DOWN" gives focus to the contacts list (or call list).
improvement: Skype API: when there is no call going on, BTN_RELEASED NO deletes last character from the address line
Improvement: you can now associate up to three e-mail addresses with your account (enter them in the "Edit Profile" window)
change: removed My Skype tab
change: "Edit Profile" window layout updated
change: alert panel when going into "Do Not Disturb" mode
change: updated online status pop-up menu
change: when Skype is the active application, then a click on the dock icon always brings the main window to front
bugfix: "@" was shown as mailto link in chats
bugfix: chat window popped up when online status was "Do Not Disturb"
bugfix: cmd-W, cmd-shift-W in chat windows now work like in Safari
bugfix: improved handling of +####### in chats
bugfix: password was not remembered, when user set the preference in the preference panel (not in the login dialog)
bugfix: phone numbers including letters, a la "+1800IWANTPIZZA", are converted properly now
bugfix: remote profile panel shows now homepage as link
bugfix: runs also on Mac OS X 10.3.0 - 10.3.8
bugfix: Skype API: HOOK OFF answers incoming call
bugfix: Skype API: HOOK ON clears the address field
bugfix: Skype API: HOOK ON hangs up ongoing call
bugfix: Skype API: implemented GET/SET AUDIO_IN/AUDIO_OUT
bugfix: Skype API: implemented MINIMIZE and HIDE
bugfix: Skype crashed sometimes, when trying to make a conference call and the number of a participant was invalid
bugfix: Skype didn't respect "hide on Mac OS X login" setting
bugfix: sometimes accepting an incoming conference call put it on hold


08-09-05, 18:44
uscita una nuova versione di Skype (http://www.skype.com/products/skype/macosx/)!!


grazie... sto scaricando :D