Visualizza Versione Completa : Aggiornamento: Solarseek 0.9

05-06-05, 21:39
La novitÓ ovviamente + grossa Ŕ la compatibilitÓ con

Ma le migliorie sembrano tante ed importanti.
Da MacUpdate:

"What's New:

Works on Tiger
You can search the network, rooms, friends or a specific person.
Searches are saved when you close the program.
Names display whether someone is on or offline.
Results display an icon for the file type.
Results are dimmed when they cannot be downloaded immediately.
Results can be sorted based on a projected transfer performance rating.
As results are found, the search turns bold and displays the number of results found.
Transfers display estimated finish time, speed, progress bar.
Transfers can be stopped, restarted, removed.
Failed transfers are automatically restarted at a later time.
The transfer window will locate your downloaded files.
Uploads can be cancelled.
Total download and upload speeds are calculated.
Chats are less noisy with joins/parts (gone for now).
Chats turn bold and display the number of new messages.
More specific information about connection problems."

Magari qualcuno Ŕ interessato :roll:

Per il download: http://www.fejta.com/solarseek/