Visualizza Versione Completa : DiskAid (PeterPan)

Padmé Amidala
05-10-08, 02:25
Mi permetto di recuperare una discussione persa per problemi tecnici:


Link: http://www.digidna.net/diskaid/

Tag ricerca: trasferimento copia file documenti iphone explorer


05-10-08, 15:19
Grazie ;-)

Padmé Amidala
22-03-10, 17:11
DiskAid 3.2

For this release, we have fixed numerous bug fixes, including various folder navigation issues, bookmarking, and various stability upgrades.
Upgrading to DiskAid 3.2 for is highly recommended to all Mac OS X users as it fixes numerous bugs and stability issues.

Padmé Amidala
22-12-10, 21:22
Versione 4.5

New in this Version:

Copy text messages (SMS) from iPhone to Mac OS X or PC Windows computer
Interface improvements
Displays icon from every app available to DiskAid (with advanced option to show non ‘File Sharing’ Apps too)
Displays creation and last modification date of files
Toggle alert message warnings
Toggle more...
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later, iPad running iOS 3.2 or later