Visualizza Versione Completa : DivX Converter for Mac Beta 1

17-08-05, 14:56
DivX Converter for Mac Beta 1


About this beta release

So our Mac developer missed the 7:55 showing of Herbie: Fully Loaded the other night and had some free time on his hands. The result… The DivX Converter on the Mac OS. Now, this is not the full Converter and it won’t support all of the DivX Media Format features of it’s PC brother but it is the easiest drag-and-drop-encode-to-DivX app on the Mac platform.
So fire up that one-button mouse and give it a whirl…

Have fun and enjoy this beta release,

- The DivX Team

Minimum requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 and above
DivX Fusion for Mac Beta codec
QuickTime 6

17-08-05, 15:09
Esiste anche un aggiornamento più recente (9 Agosto), che riguarda sia Divx Fusion sia Divx Converter:

DivX Fusion for Mac and DivX Converter for Mac Beta 2