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17-10-06, 13:13
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iPod video converter: AVI, MPG, MOV to MPEG-4 & H.264



17-10-06, 13:14
iSquint VERSIONE 1.5


What's new in this version:
New in 1.5
New 640x480 H.264 Low Complexity Support!
- Crazy confusing name!
- Higher quality than QuickTime/iTunes. Faster too.
- Select "Optimize for TV" and "H.264 Encoding" for this new feature.
Flash 8 video can now be converted!
iPod videos are now created in such a way that tagging in iTunes is much much faster.
Files in folders with two-byte characters now convert correctly.
"Multiple of 2" error gone.
Log files are now archived at ~/Library/Logs/Techspansion/
Rare stability problem on 10.4.8 Intel worked around.
New Icon by Nelson Darkwah Oppong
Product Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
Universal Binary

21-04-07, 09:21
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PadmÚ Amidala
28-01-09, 09:50
Lo sviluppatore di isquint (e di visualhub e audialhub) chiude bottega! Ha ceduto o cederÓ i source code. Su Sourceforge c'Ŕ un nuovo progetto (FilmRedux / transcoderRedux), ma sono in pre-alfa. Lo sviluppatore Techspansion ritiene che i suoi software potranno essere usati anche sotto snow leopard, ma non garantisce.

il narratore
13-12-09, 10:15
isquint non funziona piu' non converte piu' i file che recupero da youtube

13-12-09, 11:09
Non mancano le alternative: handbrake, Mpeg Streamclip, QT Pro, Exporter per Mac (http://www.tuttologia.com/freeware/mac-video-conversione.html),Video Monkey, FilmRedux. Evom, Stomp(Shareware).
Oppure puoi scaricarli direttamente nei vari formati:http://www.tuttologia.com/macp2p/showthread.php?p=362118#post362118